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Searching for a way out

Unfruitful start: The protest leaders and government representatives holding the first round of talks in Hong Kong. – EPA

The authorities and protesters appear to be in search of a typical Chinese face-saving exit but don’t quite know how.

IT’S not a good time to be a policeman in Hong Kong now. Working a minimum 18-hour shift, they have to be physically and mentally fit to deal with the protesters.

They also have to exercise incredible self-restraint to put up with the kind of indignity they face every day with the abuses hurled against them.

Their Malaysian counterparts would probably shake their heads in disbelief if they could see what the HK cops have had to face over the past three weeks since the protests started.

If we were to believe the news filed by the Western news agencies, we would think that the HK police must be a brutal lot while the students are merely a bunch of idealistic and harmless protesters seeking to make their voices heard.

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