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A divisive detail

Filepic: Malaysian multi racial of all background that symbolize Malaysia.

Removing the race columns from all forms would be a giant step in achieving national unity, as it would emphasise oneness.

IT’S a small step but the Sabah and Sarawak governments must be commended for their efforts to scrap the term “dan lain lain” or “others” in the race column in government forms.

While the three major races – Malay, Chinese and Indian – have their own columns in these forms, all other minorities in the country simply were classified as “dan lain lain”. It is not wrong to say that the term “dan lain lain” is demeaning and is almost equivalent to the term “alien”.

In fact, after 57 years of independence, it is incredible that we are still asking Malaysians to state their race.

While the Federal Government has insisted that there is a need to keep the race columns to help the government monitor the development of each race, it could certainly emulate what Sabah and Sarawak have done.

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