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Focus on the real issues

While the politicking continues to take centre stage, Malaysians are tired of the charade. There are other issues to be concerned about.

I AM tired and I believe many Malaysians are fed up too with the non-stop politicking in this country. Politics has become a national obsession.

Our leadership seems to be losing its grip at a time when we are looking to them for clear directions and for an assurance that the Malaysia we know is still intact.

Perhaps the 1MDB controversy has dragged on too long and has distracted the attention of our leaders, what with fresh allegations on an almost daily basis.

Malaysians, especially those in the urban areas, are greatly disturbed as the players fight to convince their listeners that they are the ones telling the truth.

We want the Auditor-General to quickly complete his report and hand it to the Public Accounts Committee and also for Bank Negara to share with us its findings. It is still our hope that they can reveal the facts, without any tinge of political biasness, for the true picture to emerge.

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