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Unity came so easy back then

Good food, great company: Family and friends tossing yee sang for good luck during the Chinese New Year.

Many of us continue to talk fondly of the past not because we want to relive the good old days but because they remind us about how we, as a young and fledgling nation, could do so well in so many areas of life.

MY family members and doctors banned me from any form of carbonated drinks this Chinese New Year – it is simply ­sugared water to them. Other favourite items regarded as “health subversives” were canned longan from China and barbecued meat, which are really festive ­goodies.

See how much has changed? Those of us who grew up as children in the 1960s would remember that carbonated drinks were also known as aerated water – simply water where air is added.

This was the era of Fraser and Neave, or F&N as it was popularly known. We had only two choices – orange or sarsi, as sarsaparilla is known still.

These bottled drinks came in a wooden crate, which would be sent to our home by the sundry shop delivery boy. It was an occasion to look forward to. A whole ­wooden crate would be regarded as somewhat of a luxury in the homes of Malaysian families in the 1960s.

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