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Much ado about a moment

Unkind cut: With Disney refusing to allow a four-minute snip to its adaptation of ‘Beauty and the Beast’, Malaysians aren’t sure if they will get to watch the movie on the big screen. — AFP

Seriously, we should be more worried about having dangerous criminals, IS wannabes, racial bigots and the corrupt in our midst who are more likely to tear this country apart than a scene in a movie.

HERE’S a piece of surprising news: Disney’s latest release, Beauty and The Beast, is currently showing in Brunei, a conservative country which has imposed strict Islamic laws. Yet, the movie, with its much talked-about “gay moment” was actually approved without a snip over there.

It is unlikely that the authorities in Brunei were not aware of the controversy over the purported “moment” in the movie.

The film is currently showing at the tiny kingdom’s Cineplex in Times Square while the 3-D version is being screened at Empire.

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