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Go ahead, make that choice

The right choice: Most Malaysians are fully aware of the lines of decency and law when it comes to appropriate attire. Every individual has the right to choose how he or she wants to dress. And we don’t need the […] Continue Reading

Wanted: Leaders who listen

Turning a blind eye: The grumblings over exposed hills are growing louder but little is being done to rectify the situation. MY family home in Kampung Melayu, Air Itam in Penang, is more than 56 years old. That’s about my […] Continue Reading

A legacy that is fast disappearing

Convent Light Street in Penang. THREE convent schools in Penang are in the news with talk that they may have to close down, supposedly because of dwindling enrolment. Naturally, this has become unsettling because Penangites are very sentimental, even emotional, […] Continue Reading

Ops Lalang, our dark days

Police crackdown: The reasons the police gave for the mass arrests under Ops Lalang was that racial riots were imminent. Thirty years after the operation, some of the same issues – race, religion, language – still plague some of our […] Continue Reading

A moderate Malaysia, the way to go

The recent actions of the Rulers and the strong statement issued by the Conference of Rulers are a beacon of hope, just when things seemed a bit pessimistic.  IT can get pretty daunting being a Malaysian frequent traveller, what with […] Continue Reading

There’s a lot more to Malaysia

IT’S fair comment to say that most Malaysians have probably never heard of Datuk Nasrun Mansur (pic). After all, he is seldom in the news. But this Sabahan is the Deputy Plantation Industries and Commodities Minister serving at federal level. […] Continue Reading

Another government department, seriously?

YET another government department is going to be set up. Isn’t it common knowledge that the Government has serious budget constraints and is not recruiting to add to an already bloated civil service? And now, another tale of bureaucracy is […] Continue Reading

Stop racial and religious hatred

Let’s hear more voices of reason amid the din from critics who assume that being liberal means being hedonistic instead of believing in the universal values of compassion and acceptance. IT had to take a Sultan and a Raja Muda […] Continue Reading

Moderation, the way to go

PAS, or any other group, should not be allowed to use religion to challenge Malaysia’s social climate and political system. THERE have always been beer festivals in Malaysia, with St Patrick’s Day and Oktoberfest celebrated on a large scale annually […] Continue Reading

Malaysian Hospitality, it’s my choice

Golden service: Our cabin crew are the best, and truly deserve the many accolades that have come their way. — EPA SURELY, we must have heard from frequent flyers that Malaysia Airlines Bhd has lost its lustre and vigour. Our […] Continue Reading