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For the love of Malaysia

Come SEA Games time, we couldn’t care less for our athletes’ skin colour or beliefs. We are only interested in the colours of our Jalur Gemilang. There will be cries of jubilation and groans of despair, all in unison. Let’s […] Continue Reading

This is the real Malaysia

A voter in Pulau Banggi casting his vote. – Filepic by RAPAEE KAWI I HATE discussing politics with strangers, especially if it’s at a wedding dinner. As much as I accept this as an occupational hazard, I try my best […] Continue Reading

Polls likely next year?

  Too many events are on the cards this year, especially from now on, with the SEA Games and Budget just round the corner. SIMILAR to how it is for other journalists, I am also frequently asked if I know […] Continue Reading

Phrase that again, please?

Many writers and even some officials fall into this trap – using the same expressions over and over again, it’s almost automatic. Ten worst clichés used by journalists (and maybe officials) in their news reports (and at press confe­rences): 1. […] Continue Reading

All in a day’s words in politics

Some phrases have become jargon for lawmakers. Many have been overused, and in most cases misused, by this category of people.  Ten most incredible remarks by our (or any other) politicians: 1. Playing politics – One politician accusing another politician […] Continue Reading

Tale of two ‘hippie’ cities

Penang has some things in common with San Francisco – the island, too, is unconventional in many ways. IT’S summer time in San Francisco but it is no ordinary season. Yes, this is the 50th Summer of Love – so […] Continue Reading

The Trenglish way to better English

I CAN’T remember the last time I went to Kuala Terengganu. It must have been decades ago. The occasional trips to Berjaya Resort in Redang by air from Subang do not count, I guess. But I am glad I went […] Continue Reading

See the beauty in all religions

This writer’s collection of books, including the Quran, often surprises his visitors but to him, no one should shy away from reading up about another faith. I HAD one of the most interesting interviews last week – my fellow journalists […] Continue Reading

Honour thy father on his special day

We must treasure every minute spent with our loved ones, especially our parents. We will not be what we are without them. MY father turns 92 soon but he is a far cry from the man he used to be. […] Continue Reading

Earn your money the right way

AS a Penangite, I am always asked by my colleagues and friends in the Klang Valley why is it that most get-rich-quick schemes are located in the island state and the investors mostly its citizens. I have asked that same […] Continue Reading