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Beaming bright star

Eye on oil revenue: Petronas has proven it is world class because it has adopted global standards.— AFP If there’s one brand that has kept Malaysia gleaming in the spotlight, then it must surely be Petronas.  AT a time when […] Continue Reading

Same ol’ song and dance

OUR people generally have short memories. There was a time when many of us were outraged at elected representatives from any one of DAP, PKR, PAS and PBS for defecting to the Barisan Nasional. All kinds of nasty names were […] Continue Reading

To be or not to be

Universal tongue: He may be the ‘People’s Pope’ but the head of the Catholic church, Pope Francis, has to deliver his speeches in Latin, the official language of the church. – AFP LATIN words are rarely used in Malaysia, except […] Continue Reading

Tipsy turvy tales

Not all about the booze: The gun salute is one of the customs of the ‘Oktoberfest’ beer festival in Munich. — AP Like how many other things that were acceptable before have inexplicably run afoul now, the harmless Oktoberfest is […] Continue Reading

Say you will, say you won’t

MORE than three decades into my journalistic career, and I have learned one thing for certain – most politicians will never change, and they can be chameleons, too. It would be naïve of me to expect to meet an honest, […] Continue Reading

Swimming against the tide

IF there’s one thing the Umno leadership needs to accept – no matter how painful – is that it’s now in the opposition. They got kicked out, and that’s life. So, for God’s sake, please start acting and thinking like […] Continue Reading

New Malaysia, Old Politics

WE may have heralded a New Malaysia, with the euphoria still lingering, but more than three months have passed since the general election which saw the Barisan Nasional government crushed. A new social landscape, perhaps, but Old Politics still haven’t […] Continue Reading

Believe it or not

Raising eyebrows: Both Hishammuddin and Dr Ahmad Zahid have met up with Dr Mahathir since GE14. Stranger things have happened post-general elections, but losers seeking the winning party’s advice is certainly curious.  POLITICS in Malaysia gets stranger with each passing […] Continue Reading

A question of faith

THE Port Dickson by-election has unexpectedly become a controversy for some PKR leaders and the party’s supporters. Suddenly, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim has found himself being openly challenged by some of the top brass for his purported failure to consult […] Continue Reading

Waiting in the wings

Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim THE acrimonious relationship between Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad and Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim – when they were Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister back in the day – is well-documented, and as a reporter covering the […] Continue Reading