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Slip sliding away

If there is one thing we can be sure of, it’s that most of us will have less money to spend this CNY, and that will translate to lighter ang pow packets for the kids. — Filepic FOR those of […] Continue Reading

Embracing the ties that bind

There are a multitude of reasons that bring us together as Malaysians, yet there are those who spend inordinate amounts of time finding divisive ones to separate us instead. IT’S preposterous that a school that has put up Chinese New […] Continue Reading

A glimpse of glory

Cutting edge: Schools in China have begun to emphasise the teaching of coding, robotics and AI in the great push to produce the best engineers and digital experts. — AFP We once had a vision of a future, but now […] Continue Reading

Silence isn’t always golden

THEY were once heralded as brave, articulate and outspoken leaders, always weighing in on issues concerning the people, but they seem to have gone mute, or just disappeared. The public used to count on these MPs to speak up for […] Continue Reading

Sowing truth in a time of lies

THERE was a time when honour meant everything. A firm handshake between two persons was enough to seal a deal that would be upheld. It’s known as the gentlemen’s agreement, and while it was informal and legally non-binding, the details […] Continue Reading

Teaching with a purpose

We need our leaders to set the tone and directions right, as no one should experiment our children’s future as the whims and fancies of our ministers. Education has kicked into high gear in most parts of the world, yet […] Continue Reading

Walking the talk

Youth power: The next election will feature voters even younger than these young adults casting their ballots in a previous general election. — Filepic THREE years from now could seem a lifetime in this fast-paced world we live in, but […] Continue Reading

Mari Ponteng for MP

MOST of our Members of Parliament wax eloquent about transparency and accountability, and their speeches are always filled with never-ending promises, likely as a display of devotion to their constituents. And yet, none of us have been able to get […] Continue Reading

The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, likewise the nation

Time to deliver: The public is counting on and holding accountable all promises made by the Pakatan government. OUR politicians don’t seem to get it. Malaysians are exhausted from their endless politicking at the expense of homing in on pressing […] Continue Reading

We all stand together

Even with all the signs pointing to unity being our greatest asset, some quarters continue to sow divisive politics as part of their delusions of grandeur. STRANGE as it seems, the only schools with a multi-racial student enrolment and teachers […] Continue Reading