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Enough of overdrive politicking

While the Covid-19 pandemic and struggling economy has gripped the nation and Malaysians, our power jostling politicians continue to be more preoccupied with power and positions. MANY ongoing political developments in our country are simply not making sense – at […] Continue Reading

Delusions of grandeur

US President Donald Trump made world headlines when he announced last week that he had contracted Covid-19, and then was immediately whisked to hospital. The world expected him to be confined for at least a week or more but surprisingly, […] Continue Reading

Catch-22 a-calling

THE most disturbing news of the week has to be Covid-19 returning with a vengeance. Sure, it never went away, but this looks to be the scariest wave of the pandemic yet. The Health Ministry announced yesterday the disturbing news […] Continue Reading

Dialling in the disgust

THERE’S a Malay word to describe the current state of politics in Malaysia: meluat. It means disgusted, but the gravity of its meaning is best delivered through the original Malay word. Ordinary Malaysians, who are struggling to pay their bills […] Continue Reading

Spy vs. Spy

In a world gone bonkers, espionage takes precedence in topping the competition. Just look at the US and China today. IF you grew up reading MAD, the classic American humour magazine, you’ll be familiar with the segment “Spy vs. Spy”, […] Continue Reading

On a knife edge

THE Sabah state elections has turned out to be a “numbers game” in every sense as the polls will see the most multicornered fights in the history of Malaysian elections. This is one election where there are no straight fights, […] Continue Reading

Wine and wonder in the Bible

A PILGRIMAGE to Jerusalem, the holy land of Christians, wouldn’t be complete without visiting the Church of Cana, more popularly known as the Wedding Church. Couples, be it pilgrims or just tourists, often take the opportunity to renew their wedding […] Continue Reading

Leave your hat on

Stay safe: This National Day, we need to remember not only our face masks when biking around but also our helmets. Lives lost and families destroyed are everyday scenery here. And they’re all paid for the price of ignoring basic […] Continue Reading

Tear-jerker with a twist

I’M not one for heartbreak movies. In fact, I can’t fathom the idea of sitting in a cinema bawling away and drawing unwanted attention to my sensitive side. My idea of going to the cinema is to be entertained – […] Continue Reading

Keep our backyard safe

Home territory: Malaysia maintains a naval presence on the disputed Pulau Layang Layang, which also houses a resort that is popular with scuba divers. — Photos: Filepics/The Star As tensions in the South China Sea escalate between the United States […] Continue Reading