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Dicing with danger

MANY of us have become complacent since the movement control order (MCO) was relaxed. Confession time: I’m one of them. I’ve noticed that registration logs at many public places including restaurants, have now become indecipherable. I doubt the names and […] Continue Reading

Predictable outcome

United front: Muhyiddin meeting with leaders of Perikatan in Putrajaya on Wednesday. The rumblings of a return to power are gaining momentum, but a foundation is rarely built on shaky ground. IT’S politically bizarre by any standards, but somehow, some […] Continue Reading

Economy first, not race

Unwanted rumble: Mahathir, Anwar and other Pakatan leaders leaving the PKR headquarters after a meeting. The leadership tussle has started again but ordinary Malaysians are more worried about their jobs than the ambitions of politicians. At a time when there’s […] Continue Reading

Daddy cool

Main man: Dads, if you don’t already know, today is the day the world pays tribute to you. — LET’S concede that Fathers Day is deemed less important than Mothers Day. By the way, dads, if you don’t already […] Continue Reading

More pressing matters

Politicians are making their sales pitches again. However, Malaysians have greater life concerns. ANYONE unfamiliar with Malaysian politics must think we’re living on the edge with the ruling government commanding a wafer-thin majority in Parliament. On the contrary, Malaysia is […] Continue Reading

Nearest neighbours first

IT’S time for Malaysia to kickstart its economy since we’ve succeeded in flattening the Covid-19 pandemic curve, and as we gear up for the reopening of more businesses, travelling must surely be one of them. One of the worst affected […] Continue Reading

A tip of the hat, please

A boost to TAR UC, with five decades’ worth of producing stellar graduates. IT was a red-letter day for Tunku Abdul Rahman University College (TAR UC) and the Chinese community when MCA president Datuk Seri Dr Wee Ka Siong announced […] Continue Reading

A celebration like no other

Though marked with muted pomp this year, Hari Raya will still instil the spirit of the festive season for Muslims and the rest of Malaysia. THIS is surely the most unusual Hari Raya, with many of my Muslim relatives and […] Continue Reading

A matter of priority

I CAN’T be certain if Malaysians share my sentiments, but I get indigestion from the intense politicking in our country currently. Most of us are emotionally and financially drained from 60 days of the movement control order (MCO), in which […] Continue Reading

The truth is out there

While the world continues to battle a deadly threat, two superpowers seem to be making Covid-19 a pawn in their fight for supremacy. MOST of us take US President Donald Trump’s words with a pinch of salt. We all know […] Continue Reading