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A dose of errors

AS unbelievable as this sounds, many of us are now in the unenviable position of wondering if our vaccination wasn’t merely blank shots, which reports have intimated. These are probably isolated incidents, but we certainly have source for concern. There’s […] Continue Reading

Satisfaction guaranteed

Datuk Seri Dr Adham Baba. -Bernama filepic IT’S unfortunately a job hazard, and par for the course. Some handle it better than others, but for politicians, they must develop a thick skin. Health Minister Datuk Seri Dr Adham Baba had […] Continue Reading

Down the tubes

WE’RE in a pickle, aren’t we? A rich one indeed. Public confidence is at rock bottom as our economy withers away under Covid-19, where daily infection rates are spiralling upwards with no end in sight. As a bonus, we have […] Continue Reading

New and improved

IT’S miserable to be in Selangor because we’ve now transitioned into the dreaded enhanced movement control order (EMCO). This will have a serious economic impact since the state has the highest number of factories, being the largest contributor to the […] Continue Reading

Unfazed by the phase

There was never going to be a quick fix, so what we should do now is buckle down and sit tight for the rest of the ride. WITH the current phase of lockdown coming to an end tomorrow, every indication […] Continue Reading

Time for MPs to meet

Road to Parliament: Cabinet members must make the necessary moves and plan the days leading to the end of the Emergency and the reopening of Dewan Rakyat. IT should be obvious by now that extending the Emergency when it ends […] Continue Reading

A for effort

FIRSTLY, let’s congratulate the Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) candidates who bagged straight As for their subjects, because this has been a difficult examination with so many uncertainties and disruptions. Despite the many obstacles, including school closures, the 9,000-odd students have […] Continue Reading

Shot in the foot

Check first: Don’t be too quick to forward your so-called news without verifying it. It’s so easy to pull the trigger on despatching ‘news’, but what if fact meets fiction? A POPULAR piece of fake news making the rounds is […] Continue Reading

Biting the bullet

Just take it: Now is not the time to be choosy about vaccine ‘brands’. The reality is that the odds of someone dying from Covid-19 is high. FINALLY! Sense has prevailed and something’s being done about the skyrocketing numbers. It’s […] Continue Reading

Is Covid-19 to blame or our apathy? The answer is glaring.

Tougher measure: It should be mandatory for employers to enforce mass targeted testing so that infectious contacts can be rapidly identified, since cases are increasingly asymptomatic. — AZHAR MAHFOF/The Star IT has been a pretty depressing few weeks for me. […] Continue Reading