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Your favourite winter destinations are getting warmer thanks to climate change

A file photo from August 2019 of a boat navigating at night next to an iceberg in Greenland. Rising temperatures and diminished snow and ice cover in the Arctic are imperilling ecosystems, fisheries and local cultures, according to reports by […] Continue Reading

A hunt for the best hairy crabs in Yangcheng Lake

Hairy crabs from the Yangcheng Lake are a premium item that are highly sought after by foodies. Photo: Wong Chun Wai The hairy crab don’t take crap for its reputation of being super delicious, but unfortunately, it doesn’t come stamped […] Continue Reading

Knocking on death’s door at the Bangkok Forensic Museum

At the forensic museum in Bangkok are countless glass containers of deformed and diseased babies, including Siamese or conjoined twins, all preserved in formaldehyde. Halloween may have just passed, but there’s surely never a time to turn down a morbid […] Continue Reading

A gorgeous island that’s just a hop, skip and jump away

I’ve had the privilege and luxury of travelling to a multitude of places near and far, and in more recent time, my preoccupation has been on the living world, particularly in our oceans. Our region has some of the most […] Continue Reading

Swimming with graceful whale sharks at Sulawesi Sea

It’s baffling how a paradise, dubbed Kalimantan’s best-kept secret, has eluded not only most Malaysians, but Sabahans in Tawau, which is the closest point to this place. Yet, it’s literally in our own backyard! Tarakan, the Indonesian island city of […] Continue Reading

Wild as the wind in Serengeti, northern Tanzania

Sometimes, the wildebeests will form a single line to cross the river. — Photos: WONG CHUN WAI/The Star The wildebeest isn’t exactly the best-known animal to most of us here. They aren’t striking in appearance and people often mistake them […] Continue Reading

Getting up close and personal with the king of the beasts in Tanzania

It’s hot and dusty in the sprawling plains of the Serengeti in Tanzania. The dry season has gone into overdrive at this time of year, but August is also the best time to be on the safari trail. This is […] Continue Reading

Bears on the loose in British Columbia, Canada

It was an invitation difficult to resist – to visit one of the last remaining wildest places on earth, and probably one of the last biggest intact temperate rainforests on the planet. So, together with a group of faithful travelling […] Continue Reading

Visiting the interesting Teresang Market in Kapit, Sarawak

The Teresang Market in Kapit is where one goes to find jungle produce, local vegetables, freshwater fish and freshly-hunted game. — Photos: GLENN GUAN/The Star There is only one practical way to reach Kapit from Sibu – a three-hour ride […] Continue Reading

Call of the wild in Uganda

The writer saw a lioness so up close he could see her ears twitch, a rare encounter even for the local guide. – Photos: WONG CHUN WAI It wasn’t part of the plan. We were merely supposed to sit in […] Continue Reading