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In search of… durians in Australia!

Very few compelling reasons exist for Malaysians to visit Darwin in Australia’s Northern Territory. Most of the time, it’s hot … and I mean blazing hot and dry. And coming from where we do, there is barely a need to […] Continue Reading

Up close with the Rafflesia, the largest and smelliest flower on Earth

You’d have to be like Indiana Jones and hack your way through a thick jungle if you want to find the rafflesia – and even then, this beautiful flower doesn’t just grow on trees, because it literally sprouts from the […] Continue Reading

Getting spooked in Shibuya, Japan

The Japanese take their Halloween seriously – no, dead seriously! The world’s biggest Halloween celebration isn’t in the United States but in Tokyo, where the world converges in Shibuya for the annual street party. Through four nights, Oct 25 to […] Continue Reading

In search of the rare and elusive Durian Kura Kura

I knew I had to see the kura kura durian as soon as I learned of the medium-sized, wild fruit’s near-extinct status. After all, it has already been placed on the red list of threatened species by the World Conservation […] Continue Reading

Swimming with jellyfishes on Kakaban Island

video Photos and videos by: RICKY MOSIEWA The idea of diving into a lake to swim with thousands of jellyfishes (of the harmless variety) had never crossed my mind. It was never even on my bucket list, in fact, until […] Continue Reading

A husky lover’s guide to Bangkok, Thailand

TrueLove at Neverland in Bangkok is a cafe that allows patrons to play with its huskies for a fee. Photos: The Nation The routine holiday to Bangkok, Thailand, for seasoned Malaysian tourists (like me) will probably include eating, massages and […] Continue Reading

A wild durian trip to Sabah

The flesh of the sukang, or red durian, has a beautiful colour. The bumper durian season has reached its tail end, at least in Peninsular Malaysia. Thanks to this super season, which saw a glut in the supply of our […] Continue Reading

When in Hokkaido, follow the lovely scent of lavender

It’s lavender season in Japan now and thousands of tourists are descending on places like Furano in Hokkaido prefecture. It’s lavender season in Japan now and thousands of tourists are descending on places like Furano in Hokkaido prefecture, known for […] Continue Reading