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When education is mired in a mess

The task at hand is to equip our students with a useful education syllabus so they can be employable and marketable. EVERY time an education minister is appointed here, they start to tinker with the system in the hope of […] Continue Reading

Tanjung Piai a test for all political parties

IT will be the first test for the Umno-PAS alliance in the coming Tanjung Piai parliamentary by-election, and for that matter also for the Opposition front which includes MCA and MIC. There is no doubt that the combination of the […] Continue Reading

Have HK people lost their mind?

IT’S a classic case of the Hong Kong people shooting themselves in the foot with the protracted violence and riots on the streets every weekend which are beamed across the globe. The continuous protests may be aimed at denting the […] Continue Reading

A destiny tied to China

Impractical move: China is generally aware that the Hong Kong people cannot sustain any form of protest because rent and bills need to be paid and protests don’t gain a voice, neither by yellow shirts nor umbrellas. — AFP The […] Continue Reading

They will never be forgotten

IT’S been more than two years since Pastor Raymond Koh was abducted. The police said they have been investigating and we all know nothing has come out of it despite the huge publicity surrounding the case. The Human Rights Commission […] Continue Reading

Churning up political mud

THE characters in the latest, widely circula¬≠ted sex video could have been irrelevant. But the facts provide a different twist to the tale, especially since a federal minister and a senior political aide of a deputy minister have been implicated. […] Continue Reading

The passing of a great singer

THE phone call came from Datuk DJ Dave at about 11pm. He wanted to share with me the sad news that popular 70s singer Datuk Dahlan Zainuddin (pic) had died at the Selayang Hospital. The man who sang the popular […] Continue Reading

S.M. Idris, the man who stood up for all of us

HE was simply S.M. Mohamed Idris to everyone. He didn’t need to be addressed as Tuan Idris. He didn’t even believe in being titled; he was happy being referred to as just S.M. Idris. In fact, to many, he was […] Continue Reading

It’s time for Penang to reinvent itself

Looking ahead: An aerial view of Penang’s Free Industrial Zone. Penang is banking on land reclamation to the south of the island to help fund the state’s economic development. ALMOST three decades ago, my then news editor Nizam Mohamad tried […] Continue Reading

Marrying when it’s convenient

IT was a marriage doomed from the start. Of course, the flirting was exciting and both sides enjoyed this phase of the courting. Then, they discussed marriage. In fact, Umno and PAS announced two weeks ago that they had formalised […] Continue Reading