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Dangling the carrot

LET’S face it – investors will not put their money in Malaysia if they’re unsure of the country and the federal government’s status tomorrow. Malaysia once proudly told investors it has a stable government, but it can no longer make […] Continue Reading

Big-time binging

THE problem with working from home is that we spend too much time in front of our computer and mobile phone screens without realising we’ve worked more than the required hours under labour laws. There are bosses who think they […] Continue Reading

Too close to home

Covid-19 has clawed its way out of our screens and into our lives. THERE are some good lessons Malaysians can pick up as the Covid-19 pandemic continues to ravage the nation. It’s still not too late to learn what we […] Continue Reading

Turning the tide on a tiny terror

Improved measures: Covid-19 testing has become more readily available and cheaper over the last few months. — Filepic/The Star We’ve endured a terrifying year, and if we don’t address the insidious virus still on the prowl, it could be at […] Continue Reading

The emerging light

New hope: Malaysia is set to embark on its first Covid-19 vaccine trial, involving some 3,000 participants from eight hospitals under the Health Ministry. AS we begin 2021, most of us are invigorated by renewed hope, positivity and optimism. After […] Continue Reading

Reason for the season

Somehow, the significance of Dec 25 to the Christian community continues to elude many in our beautifully plural society. CHRISTMAS Day may be over, but we should still be talking about this special occasion since the world is still celebrating […] Continue Reading

Rocking the boat

Photo: CHAN BOON KAI/The Star Financial logic is shaking the foundations of the Penang ferry’s nostalgic appeal. IF there’s a valid reason for Penang’s iconic ferry service to be retained, then it’s merely to preserve heritage and aesthetics. However, that […] Continue Reading

Getting ready for Covid-19 vaccines

Royal approval: UAE’s Crown Prince of Dubai Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al-Maktoum receiving an injection of a Covid-19 vaccine. — AFP THERE’S finally light at the end of the tunnel from a dark period in modern history. The race to […] Continue Reading

The zoo’s last legs

Time to rest: Saleng’s age is equivalent to 178 human years and he has not had a female companion in many years. — Filepic/The Star (2017) THERE was a time when going to the zoo was an exciting family affair, […] Continue Reading

DBKL act leaves behind bitter taste

IT’S the government’s job to grease the wheels for businesses to stay afloat, especially the smaller ones, as Malaysians struggle with the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic The new 2021 liquor guidelines have banned the sale of hard liquor in […] Continue Reading