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Stand up for our Malaysia

Prickly ties: The North Korean flag flutters in the concertina wire fenced North Korean Embassy in Kuala Lumpur. — Reuters This is the time to put our differences aside and let North Korea know that it has no right to […] Continue Reading

Keep race out of the issues

There are mindless people out there but I am certain that the majority of Malaysians are rational, moderate and fair-minded. IT was an accident no one in his right mind would want to get involved in. A woman driver ploughed […] Continue Reading

Police must act swiftly

(Left) Koh: Abducted in broad daylight. (Right) Sameera: Brutally murdered. Several recent crime cases have shaken Malaysians quite a bit. We leave it to our police force to provide answers to this madness. RECENTLY, several widely reported crime cases, which […] Continue Reading

Cool it people, it’s only satire

Tweets from DPRK news service on the assassination of Kim Jong-nam. Some Malaysians are so gullible that they make fools of themselves chasing demons and losing track of the truth. IT’S incredible how many of us are so gullible …. […] Continue Reading

For the love of … titles

IF there’s one Malaysian practice that needs reviewing, it has to be this – the long salutations, thanks to the titles of prominent individuals, at the start of speeches during functions. I can never understand why addressing the audience as […] Continue Reading

Year of Living Dangerously

Rash move: The effectiveness of Trump’s executive order banning citizens of seven countries from entering the US is highly questionable. — AFP What Trump is doing – and he may not even realise it with his defiant-style leadership – is […] Continue Reading

Let’s think forward, people

Playing the race card and bashing one of our biggest economic partners – China – is like shooting ourselves in the foot. THE trouble with politicians is that they often let political and personal interests get in the way of […] Continue Reading

We are so proud of you, Faiz!

Mohd Faiz Subri holds his trophy after winning The 2016 FIFA Puskas Award during The Best FIFA Football Awards ceremony, on January 9, 2017 in Zurich. – AFP Whether he spoke flawless English is not the point here. What matters […] Continue Reading

Let’s not go overboard

Malaysia is a secular country and we should not let religious authorities run our country and how we should live our lives. LET’S face it – the Malaysian Islamic Development Department (Jakim) has become so powerful as the sole authority […] Continue Reading

It will be a helluva ride!

Expect 2017 to be a busy year as the general election might be held. Also, Hadi’s Bill will come up again, we will celebrate our 60th birthday, and host the SEA Games. FASTEN your seat belts. Get ready for a […] Continue Reading