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Think hard before we act

Moderation is key to good sense and judgment. It is always easy to make angry and emotional responses but it doesn’t make Malaysians, especially the misguided ones, any better.  ON the day when videos of an altercation outside a mosque in […] Continue Reading

Malaysia belongs to all of us

THE announcement by an unknown, newly-set up Malay group challenging the citizenship of 1.75 million Malaysians granted between 1957 and 1970 failed to get any traction and rightly so too, as most found it ridiculous. Most media organisations ignored this […] Continue Reading

Earn money the old-fashioned way

Scheme or scam?: Multi-level marketing companies often conduct presentations to potential members promising financial freedom and a better lifestyle. There is no fast track to getting profits or income. Nothing can replace hard and honest work. IT’s now called the […] Continue Reading

Mind your words, please

The colour orange: Oren refers to the orange colour of the T-shirts that those arrested by the MACC have to wear when they are brought to court. THE Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) has been in the news almost daily with […] Continue Reading

Did the media really misquote you?

BLAME the press – that’s what some squirming politicians do as they fumble after putting their foot in their mouth. It’s an occupational hazard that journalists have to put up with. After all, politics does not necessarily draw the most […] Continue Reading

YBs, please lend us your ears

IT’S disturbing, to say the least. We have economic issues that Malaysia needs to deal with seriously like the continuing uncertainty in the price of oil, market slowdown and slide in the value of our ringgit which is affecting our […] Continue Reading

For the love of titles

AT the rate some titled Malaysians – especially those with Datuk and Datuk Seri – are getting into trouble, the Prisons Department may have to build a new wing just to accommodate these VIPs. Over the past two weeks, the […] Continue Reading

Our young talents, our assets

Filepic: SPM top students in Sabah celebrating their excellence in SPM examination results after the announcement in Kota Kinabalu. We should treasure our up-and-coming bright minds instead of confusing them and making them feel unappreciated. We want to keep our […] Continue Reading

Much ado about a moment

Unkind cut: With Disney refusing to allow a four-minute snip to its adaptation of ‘Beauty and the Beast’, Malaysians aren’t sure if they will get to watch the movie on the big screen. — AFP Seriously, we should be more […] Continue Reading

Stand up for our Malaysia

Prickly ties: The North Korean flag flutters in the concertina wire fenced North Korean Embassy in Kuala Lumpur. — Reuters This is the time to put our differences aside and let North Korea know that it has no right to […] Continue Reading