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One for all and all for one

THE controversy surrounding the appointment of Latheefa Koya as the new Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission chief commissioner isn’t going away soon and can only lead to waves of discontent and suspicion. Within the rank and file of the MACC and other […] Continue Reading

We could be heroes

Everyday people do everyday things for the greater good, especially when a blind eye is cast on race and religion. A SIMPLE story can sometimes be heart-warming and uplifting, especially when it ends happily. More so when it’s real and […] Continue Reading

Pride and prejudice

THE United States ranks low in the credibility stakes. It can no longer wax lyrical about free trade and fair play because the world now knows that when it finds itself facing stiff competition, it uses a ruling the magnitude […] Continue Reading

Perilous pile of plastic

AS my plane began its descent onto the runway of Rwanda International Airport in Kigali, the East African country’s capital, a crew member advised passengers to leave their plastic bags on board. Plastic bags have been banned in Rwanda due […] Continue Reading

Paving the way ahead

Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad TUN Dr Mahathir Mohamad has said many times, and in different ways, too, so the message is clear and consistent – Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim will be his successor and there should be no doubt of […] Continue Reading

Another brick in the wall

Education is that realm where wrongs are set right and learning thrives, yet, right off the bat, the new matriculation intake has found itself in murky waters. SOME leaders in our federal and state governments, now or then, seem to […] Continue Reading

Try a little kindness

HATE, intimidation, abuse, domestic violence, body shaming, racist chants, peer pressure, religious coercion, disrespectful remarks from bosses, sexual harassment and indifference. Give it any name, but it’s still bullying in some form or the other. It has become more prevalent […] Continue Reading

Video killed the radio star

Acquired taste: The androgynous boys of BTS, with their blonde, orange, blue and green hair, are just not registering with the writer. YOU must be from another planet if you have never heard of K-pop group BTS. They are the […] Continue Reading

Another day in paradise

IT’S easy to have thought that the incessant politicking would end after last year’s general election, but instead, the deluge of bad vibes continues, much like a bad TV drama in dire need of an ending. I don’t know about […] Continue Reading

Middle class malady

Struggling and frustrated: Most aid goes to the B40, leaving the M40 feeling adrift and on their own. THE economy is the most talked about topic among Malaysians, with issues including the increasing cost of living, shrinking ringgit, continuing weak […] Continue Reading