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The truth is out there

Field of green: A paddy field in Kota Marudu, Sabah, one of the lesser known parliamentary seats in Malaysia. OVER the past month, I have been receiving a steady stream of visitors who want to hear my views on the […] Continue Reading

Spotlight on the voice of youth

Power of the ballot: Unlike these young voters, an increasing number of Malaysian youths, disillusioned by the politics of today, are willing to give up their democratic right to vote. THERE’S little point in venting our frustrations at politicians on […] Continue Reading

For the love of country

MUSLIM cleric Ismail Mina Ahmad is clearly ignorant of the country’s history, especially the period when we fought communist insurgents. He either doesn’t know about the past, is pretending not to know, or is attempting to rewrite history. Recently, he […] Continue Reading

Only the brave teach

Show of solidarity: Fellow teachers and unionists gathering at the Seremban magistrate court last month in support of Cikgu Azizan (centre in white). ONE tight slap – I still vividly remember that hard, stinging smack across my cheek as my […] Continue Reading

Let the games begin

IBRAHIM Suffian, who has made a name for himself for his many surveys, walks a fine line. He gets shot at each time the findings of a survey don’t favour a particular party. If his survey touches on the high […] Continue Reading

A time to ponder

Dream holiday: Utsjoki was the ideal place for the writer to briefly escape the realities of life and catch the magnificent Northern Lights ― Dr Frieder Loesel UTSJOKI is a tiny, remote county in the northernmost part of Finland and […] Continue Reading

The storm over Jerusalem

A picture taken on December 19, 2017 shows a partial view of the Jerusalem's Old City with the Dome of the Rock on the right. -AFP THERE’S nothing more dangerous than a powerful but ignorant leader who spews a combination […] Continue Reading

The royalty and Dr Mahathir

THE Council of the Royal Court in Selangor is more than a feudalistic, ceremonial body. Headed by His Royal Highness the Sultan of Selangor, it is, in fact, a relevant and powerful panel which advises him on virtually all issues. […] Continue Reading

A living legend from Guangdong

From the land of Sun Yat Sen and Ip Man, a new giant has emerged; one who has changed the face of real estate in China and other countries.  THERE are a few legendary figures in Guangdong, the coastal province […] Continue Reading

Fearing the death of a dialect

Like most Penangites who are proud of their heritage, the writer is troubled that Hokkien isn’t spoken as much as it used to be.  IF there’s one clear feature that separates Penangites from the rest of the ethnic Chinese in […] Continue Reading