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Hope within the prison walls

Sam Kian Seng, who has already spent 27 years in prison and who is making a difference in the lives of his fellow prisoners, harbours hopes of being a free man again.

IN the course of my work, I have met all kinds of people. From kings to prime ­ministers to even former terrorists but one person – a prisoner – has remained very much in my mind.

In fact, his case has continued to haunt me ever since I met him a few years back. It started with a telephone call from a very senior Kajang Prison official.

He said I should meet up with Sam Kian Seng as he seemed to have a gift that has fascinated him and other prison officers.

It isn’t every day that prison officials would call up a journalist to help seek the release of a prisoner, whom they feel has transformed himself into a model citizen.

“We see him every day from the day he stepped in here. We know him better than anyone in the Pardons Board. He has changed and, more importantly, he has been changing the lives of other inmates,” the official told me.

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