On the Beat | By Wong Chun Wai

Focus probe on cops responsible for shameful act

This focus of the probe should include the superiors of
the policewoman who ordered and watched the ear squats as well as the person
who took the video clip, who could be a policeman.

The independent investigators must find out whether the person who took the
video clip from outside the locker room had passed the clip to others, because
there have been reports that a businessman from Negri Sembilan eventually
passed it to the press.

The point here is whether the person who took the video clip did it out of
perverted pleasure and had passed it via multimedia messaging to others before
it finally reached the businessman, who was so outraged that he probably wanted
to expose the despicable act to the media.

These are questions that Malaysians want to know, and we are pleased with the
assurances given by Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi that there will be no
cover-up. We have the fullest confidence in him.

Over the past 48 hours, the media have been inundated with calls from
Malaysians who were unhappy over what appeared to be police being more
interested in exposing the person who took the video clip of the naked

Deputy Inspector-General of Police Datuk Seri Musa Hassan had said that whoever
took the video clip would be charged under the Penal Code with outraging the
modesty of the woman or intruding.

He said it was the perpetrator behind the clip and not the policewoman that the
police were after, as the woman cop was only carrying out a routine

But the proposed committee must be given the go-ahead to also investigate
whether such punishments were rampant, and whether such incidents have taken
place at entry points such as the KL International

The committee members must also question the police and immigration officers
why certain nationals, such as those from China
and India, were
often targeted.

The video clip incident has led to more allegations from Chinese nationals. It
has been reported on the Internet that three Chinese nationals from Fujian,
southern China, have lodged reports of abuse with a local newspaper, Haixia
Dushi Bao (Straits Metro News), claiming that they had been arrested by
immigration officers and subjected to 14 days of ill treatment.

The report said that the incidents took place in Penang
in September and involved 32 female tourists, 19 of whom were from Fujian.

To be fair to the authorities, it is not uncommon for immigration officers to
question, even deport, tourists whom they have reason to be suspicious

But the issue here is not just about the naked Chinese woman but the abuse of
power by the police. The practice of suspects being asked to do the ketuk
ketampi (squats) naked was brought up to the Royal Commission to Enhance the
Operation and Management of the Royal Malaysian Police.

In one case, a complainant said she was asked to undress and do the squats
despite her protest. She was freed after six days in detention, without being

The commission, in its report, said there were guidelines on body examination
but police officers carried them out differently, according to the common
practice at each police station.

Malaysians are realistic, they do not expect criminals to be treated with kid's
gloves. We are thankful to the police force for keeping our streets safe but
the corrupt and those who strip people of their dignity and rights should be
kicked out.