On the Beat | By Wong Chun Wai

Tired of Psy-chological warfare

But then this is the silly season. Everything is political with weeks to go before Parliament is dissolved and the polls are held.

Psy has performed at two free concerts in Bangkok, and also in New York and Singapore last year. In New York, a car company paid him while in Singapore, a casino operator gave away free tickets for his show.

But in all these cities, nobody really cared who forked out the money because you can be sure Psy wasn’t doing it for free.

Somebody has to pay him.

He could end up being a one-hit wonder so nobody can blame him for wanting to milk it while he can.

The only time he performed for free, on his own choice, was in Seoul to reward his 80,000 supporters after he made it big in the US.

The South Korean mega star has been invited to perform in Penang at the Barisan Nasional Chinese New Year open house and we can be sure Penangites and tourists will fill up the field and the roads there.

It’s a free concert. Chill out and just party along. If some businessman – call him a crony if that makes you happy – foots the bill, so be it.

This political reaction among some Pakatan supporters in asking Psy to stay away really smacks of sour grapes.

If Pakatan had managed to get him to perform with their own business cronies paying the bill, I am sure they would not have reacted in the same way.

The fact is that while the DAP was spending their money to come out with their parody of the Gangnam Style hit, the Barisan delivered the real thing.

In fact, many Malaysians living outside Penang are wondering why Barisan chose to get Psy to perform on the island, which is a DAP fortress.

As much as Barisan leaders hope to recapture the state, not many analysts and journalists, especially those from Penang, share the same optimism.

So why bother to even have the concert there, which many hard-core Pakatan supporters may even not appreciate?

Why not in Johor Baru or Malacca or in Putrajaya, where the Barisan supporters believe they deserve better and will probably be more appreciative?

The reaction towards the Psy concert is unusual, to put it mildly, because when top notch singers like Beyonce, Jay Z, Madonna, Britney Spears and Stevie Wonder performed in support of President Barack Obama, I don’t recall anyone calling them tools of Obama.

Actors like George Clooney, Eva Mendez, Scarlett Johansson and Eva Longoria, and TV host Oprah Winfrey all endorsed the US president in his campaign.

Even if they showed their political preference, they certainly did not lose their fans even among the Republicans.

There may be some nasty remarks on Twitter or Facebook in the heat of the US polls, but the majority of Americans will continue to watch Clint Eastwood or CSI’s Stacey Dash despite their support for Mitt Romney.

Worse, Lim Guan Eng has asked his supporters to show up for the concert dressed in yellow, red and green shirts, which is provocative because he wouldn’t appreciate it if his political opponents did the same at his functions.

There is no reason to bring politics into everything.

He hasn’t learnt from the troubles he has caused from his Christmas message last year.

I am not sure whether PAS supporters will turn up, given the Islamist party leadership’s disdain for concerts and insistence on gender segregation.

If we were to believe these Taliban-like leaders, we would think the concert will promote sexual immorality.

You know, all the horsing around can be dangerous.

But we can be sure there will be plenty of red around – after all, it’s the Chinese New Year celebrations. And it will be one Chinese New Year that Penangites will not forget for a long, long time.

Just enjoy yourself and have a good time at the concert, which should be one great party.

That’s all that matters.