On the Beat | By Wong Chun Wai

Off with the kid gloves

Let’s not expect our cops to fight crime with their hands tied behind their backs. Let them do their job with our support and the necessary laws.

LET’S be blunt: I’d really like to know how those who oppose the introduction of a preventive law against criminals would react if they or their family members were to be robbed and beaten to a pulp by these scums.

It may be fashionably liberal to preach civil and personal liberties but the overall interest of society surely must always come first.

Cop-bashing seems to be a warped way of gaining popularity for some politicians but, again, I would like to know who they will turn to for help when they are in desperate need.

I fear some of these people with their purported lofty ideals and principles are not in touch with the sentiments on the ground.

Ordinary Malaysians are angry at the prevailing lawlessness and inability of the police to stop the criminals, many of whom are “graduates” of the Simpang Renggam detention centre. These ex-detainees seem to be roaming about freely.

Thanks to the human rights advocates who successfully pushed for the abolition of the Emergency Ordinance and the Banishment Act, many of these hardcore criminals are back in business.

They are busy killing each other to regain their turf or have made themselves available as hired killers, according to various press reports.

There’s no reason for us to be angry if Singapore newspapers claim that Malaysia – no longer just Johor – is not safe. Malaysians feel the same way too, and there are plenty of news reports to justify this perception.

Go to YouTube and you can watch some of the most frightening criminal acts in Malaysia captured on CCTV.

Thanks to this video-sharing portal, we can now watch real-life crime unfold and how ordinary Malaysians are suffering.

It is depressing that parang-wielding robbers would even attack ordinary Malaysians having a bowl of mee and a cup of coffee at the kopitiam, and in broad daylight as well. How much can these desperate criminals gain from such mindless acts?

What has angered people is that these robbers are not merely content with grabbing the loot but are vicious enough to slash and hurt their victims.

The videos and media reports are not concocted but are based on police reports and real crime incidents. So there’s no reason for our government leaders, politicians or people in authority to be upset if the media give prominence to such blatant crime stories.

The reality is that even Cabinet members or at least their immediate family members have also fallen victim to these dangerous elements.

So let’s not be angry with the messenger, in this case the media, for reporting on such high-profile crimes.

The harsh reality is that you have to deal with criminals the hard way. You cannot expect a criminal to volunteer a confession over a cup of coffee, and then be whisked to the courts to be charged and convicted. That doesn’t happen in real life and even movie makers would not use that script because it is simply unrealistic.

Home Minister Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi and the Inspector General of Police Tan Sri Khalid Abu Bakar have the fullest support of this writer to crack the whip on criminals who don’t deserve any sympathy from us.

The many illegal gaming outlets, operating in the guise of Internet outlets, in Kuala Lumpur, Selangor and other major towns should be shut down.

Malaysians have long questioned how these outlets are able to operate openly. Should we be blamed if we suspect that corrupt cops and local government officials are in cahoots with these illegal gaming operators?

It is well documented that gambling and drug addiction are linked to crime in Malaysia. We need to go to the source and stop illegal gambling and drug addiction. Dealing with the symptoms alone is not enough.

Enough is enough. Let’s not expect our cops to fight crime with their hands tied behind their backs. Let them do their job with our support and the necessary laws to clean up the streets.