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Conversations with the Sultan of Selangor

Heart to heart: Wong interviewing Sultan Sharafuddin at his office in Concorde Hotel. Q: Tuanku, many say the year has rushed past. How has yours been? A: It has been a stressful year. From day one (starting January) there were […] Continue Reading

On The Beat: A journo’s jottings

SINCE the first On The Beat was published on Feb 23, 1997, Datuk Seri Wong Chun Wai’s column has appeared religiously every Sunday, except when there was no Sunday Star due to press shutdowns. That means he produced pieces while […] Continue Reading

Up Close and Personal with Stephen Hawkings

HE has been described as the most brilliant living genius. In the realm of physics, he is ranked only after Galileo Galilei, Isaac Newton and Albert Einstein. Stephen Hawking is more than deserving of the title of “world’s most famous […] Continue Reading

Exclusive interview with the Sultan of Selangor

By WONG CHUN WAI ON POLITICS, THE SOCIAL CONTRACT AND TOLERANCE Your Royal Highness, since the March 8 elections, Malaysia has seen a lot of changes in the political landscape. Selangor, for example, is now under the Pakatan Rakyat while […] Continue Reading

Cafe Latte with the Home Minister: Homing in on Home issues

Sunday April 20, 2008 Datuk Seri Syed Hamid Albar is responsible for one of the most important, if not powerful, ministries in the Cabinet. Speaking to The Star’s Group Chief Editor Datuk Wong Chun Wai, the senior politician talked about […] Continue Reading

Cafe Latte Chat with Lim Guan Eng

What’s brewing for Penang? CAFE LATTE CHAT   CHIEF Minister Lim Guan Eng is aware that expectations are high for his newly-elected administration in governing Penang. He has had his share of headlines, sometimes for the wrong reasons, but he […] Continue Reading

Cafe Latte Chat: What the Indians want

CAFE LATTE CHAT THE Malaysian Indian community is at a defining moment. Comprising just 1.8 million or roughly 8% of the country’s 26 million population, it has never been so politically divided. Although the MIC – the third largest component […] Continue Reading

Cafe Latte Chat: The Christian perspective

CAFE LATTE CHAT  ACCORDING to the Malaysian Census 2000, Christianity in Malaysia is practised by 10% of the population, the majority being in Sabah and Sarawak, where they make up 40% of the population in the two states.  In […] Continue Reading

Cafe Latte Chat Episode 1: Shrinking Chinese votes

Sunday November 25, 2007 CAFE LATTE CHAT  IN his preamble, The Star's acting group chief editor Datuk Wong Chun Wai pointed out that power sharing in this country has been a numbers game. The Chinese now comprise only 25% of […] Continue Reading

Cafe Latte Chat Episode 2: Caught in a Web spin

  Sunday December 2, 2007 Bloggers, Politics and The Elections View video  When Malaysians next go to the polls, they will no longer be wooed solely by conventional campaign methods.   The emergence of the multimedia in the political landscape […] Continue Reading