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Of Facebook, selfies, jihad and PAS

Ready for action: Lotfi (left) with another militant jihadist in Syria. For years, radical Malaysians have been fighting alongside jihadist militants overseas but they kept a low profile at home to avoid detection by the authorities. Nowadays, some are using […] Continue Reading

Terror link forged by armed jihadists

By Wong Chun Wai and Farik Zolkepli Brothers in arms: Lotfi (second right) posing with unidentified mujahideen fighters. KUALA LUMPUR: The terror link that is being forged between Malaysian militants and the other fighters from Middle Eastern groups, including off-shoots […] Continue Reading

They are militants – and flaunting it

By Wong Chun Wai, Sira Habibu, Farik Zolkepli, Nicholas Cheng, and Akil Yunus KUALA LUMPUR: Unlike the mercenaries of old who fought shy of publicity, Malaysian militants joining the “jihadist” movement in Syria are openly boasting about their exploits, posting […] Continue Reading

PAS leader among Malaysian jihadists in Syria

By Wong Chun Wai, Sira Habibu, and Nicholas Cheng Ustaz Lotfi Ariffin (left) and Akil UK's (right) in Syria. PETALING JAYA: PAS Dewan Ulama member and Kedah PAS Youth information chief Ustaz Lotfi Ariffin has been identified as one […] Continue Reading

Changing face of Malaysia – in Lee Kuan Yew’s eyes

The cover of Lee’s book ‘One Man’s View of the World’. The political demographic landscape has dramatically changed and will continue to move even more drastically in the coming years. I HAVE just finished reading Lee Kuan Yew’s book – […] Continue Reading

Kampung Simunul villagers live in fear

IT'S 11am at Kampung Simunul. The sprawling village on stilts, on the outskirts of Semporna, is the largest of the squatter colonies scattered around the coastline. It is usually a hive of activity but as I meandered through the maze […] Continue Reading

Lahad Datu: It’s high time to clean up our act and stop taking things for granted

JUST 50km outside Lahad Datu, one has to pass through Silabukan, which has a picturesque coastline. On a clear day, one can see a mass of land which is part of the Tawi-Tawi islands off the Philippines. Bongao Island, the […] Continue Reading

Rivalry is very much alive

IT IS impossible to write about the history of my alma mater, St Xavier’s Institution (Penang’s History, My Story, The Star on Jan 26), without acknowledging rivals Penang Free School (PFS). The irony is that we were once neighbours along […] Continue Reading

Excitement over landmark project

Lancaster House is a mansion at the affluent St James district in London. It is a landmark that has gained prominence in recent years after it was used as a location in the award-winning British movie The King's Speech. The […] Continue Reading

Raising the bar on golden incentives

MALAYSIA has made it into the front page of the respectable Sunday Times newspaper here our plan to reward our badminton players with gold bars if they win the gold medal is featured in this week's edition. Headlined “A gold […] Continue Reading